Midleton FC places a great emphasis on the coaching of our young players.

All our coaches are actively encouraged to attend coaching courses when possible.
We host regular FAI Led programmes at our club ranging from the PDP 1 up to the FAI C License.

Beginning at our Academy, we have taken the strategic decision to take our volunteer parents and offer them coaching qualifications supported and funded by the club.

We believe that by integrating the FAI Education programs with these parents, we can support their development as coaches to the ultimate benefit to our players, our coaches and our club.

We combine this with our existing coaching structure so that we continue to develop new coaching talent while maintaining the club coaching ethos

Coach Education

Midleton FC places an emphasis on the education of our coaches through formal and informal pathways. Formally, we partner with Coerver Coaching and the FAI to offer qualified coaching qualifications which are subsidised by the club.

Informally, our club Coaching Forum provides a platform for practical experiences and discussions on football related matters. Beginning at an academy level, our philosophy is to develop our coaches in a similar way to developing players and we have a proud record of retaining our coaches through age groups allowing us to grow and learn together. 

Our recommended pathway offers programs with our academy partners Coerver Couching that begin the coaching journey for new or inexperienced coaches. The progression of this is the FAI PDP 3 level program and the 2021-2025 FAI Coaching Pathway program (below)

At each age group, different milestones are achieved, and coach education plays a key part when accompanied by practical experience and an internal coach network.

Magpie's Coaching Pathway


Education Program

Coach Objective

Player Objective

Club Outcome

Match Format

Coerver Entry Workshop
Coerver Football Intro
Basic Principles
Coach up to 10 players
Understand a session plan
Basic Rules
Controlling a ball
Defence v Attack
Grow membership
Develop players
Add coaches
Coerver Youth Diploma 1
5v5 format
Organising training
Communicating Effectively
Passing and Shooting
Speed and Dribbling
Positional awareness (D, M, F)
Identify strong coaches
Identify potential
Team Managers
Coerver Youth Diploma 2
Defining teams based on ability
7v7 format
Formation and structures (basic)
Understanding favourite position
Introduction to matchday preparations (warm ups, team talks)
Consolidation of coaching structures
Creation of initial graded structures before competitive leagues
9v9 format
Competitive games
Managing a squad (training, nutrition, wellness)
Competitive football
Success and failure
Match formations
Competitive teams 
Strength and depth of educated
11v11 Rules of play
Player attrition
Tactical mastery
Positional excellence
Set piece management
Commitment Dedication
High performing team
Underage successes
Full Pitch

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Coaches Resources

Recommended Website Resources:
This is the ultimate web-site for all coaches. Full video clips of all the drills are shown, using professional club teams from all over the world. These include academies from Chelsea, Inter Milan, Valencia, River Plate, Tottenham Hotspur, Ajax, Sporting Lisbon, Boca Juniors and Flamengo. The drills are well set out, with all coaching key factors set out at the end. This is the Midleton FC recommended web-site. No subscription required.
The web-site does give some drills, but requires a subscription. However, members receive an excellent bi-monthly coaching magazine.
This is an excellent coaching web-site, with a lot of drills and advice. Subscription not required for most of the information. Members receive excellent coaching tips on a weekly basis.
This is suitable for academy coaches, and gives a lot of coaching drills and games.
This web-site has a huge amount of soccer drills for members. Membership costs €65 for a year’s subscription, which is expensive. This is the major negative with this site. Otherwise, all of the drills available to download are excellent, and are the basis of a lot of the FAI drills
The Dutch way of coaching kids. Excellent for academy kids.
A top class web-site for drills and coaching exercises. You need to register (free access will get you a lot of material). Highly recommended.

Other Links:
Probably the best fitness web-site out there – covers a huge amount of sports
Another excellent general fitness web-site
The web-site of the national coaching and training centre in Limerick
Includes a lot of coaching information, as well as up-to-date news
Web-site of the Football Association of Ireland
Web-site of the English FA.